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5k Challenge

Take in the views across Clanfield and Windmill Hill on our semi scenic 5k route

5k Challenge summary

The 5 kilometre route will begin on North Lane in Clanfield, steadily climbing up towards the South Downs Way, but leaving the 12k route to enjoy the paths east. From here the views of Windmill Hill running back into Clanfield will keep you motivated.

The route is made up of about 50% road and 50% trail terrain with roughly 60 metres of elevation gain over the first 2.5 kilometres alone. Where running traffic will be at its greatest, roads will be closed to ensure the safety of all. Marshalls will be available throughout the route to provide any assistance where required.

This race is for adults/children of 11 years and older with a maximum of 200 entrants. 

5k Challenge rules

What type of run is this?

Each run has different terrain:

  • 5k route - Road and trail
    This 5k route is a great starter for beginners or those looking for a shorter sprint. There are great parts to this route as it veers through country tracks and shows views of Windmill Hill. The road portion of the route will be fairly quiet on a Sunday morning, but please be aware of cars, tractors, walkers, cyclists and horses.

Each route web page has its own map showing the full race locations. Please feel free to run the route prior to the day should you wish to learn more about the terrain.

Race start

The 5k starts on North Lane in Clanfield. 

Runners in the 5k race are requested to collect at the back of the 12k and 20k start pack. Once the 12k and 20k runners have cleared the start we will walk the 5k runners up to the start line.

Water station

Water will be availble at the end of the 5k race.

Refreshments will also be available from South Lane Meadow before and after the race.

How do I enter?
Available entries

In order to ensure safety around the start and finish of the races, we have limited number of entries (1,000 in total) per race as follows:

  • 1k - 150 entries
  • 2k - 150 entries
  • 5k - 200 entries
  • 12k - 300 entries
  • 20k - 200 entries

Entries for the race close on 13th May 2019 - please ensure you get your entry in before Monday 13th May 2019.


Registration will be spread over two days, it would be very helpful if any runners who live in or close to Clanfield take up this option to help with any congestion on the day. If you are a family competing in several races, one family member can collect all registrations with a suitable ID.

The registration on Saturday 18th will be from 10:00am to 14:00pm at the new Clanfield Community and Sports Centre on Endal Way, post code PO8 0YF. There should be plenty of parking at the Community Centre. If you would prefer, you will be able to collect your race T-Shirt so you can run in it on Sunday 19th May.

The remaining race numbers will be available for collection on the day at South Lane Meadow, post code PO8 0RY starting at 08:30 and closing at 10:30.

If you have any medical conditions that you are aware of please inform us before the race and write you condition down on the back of your race number.

Entries on the day will not be accepted.

Race HQ

Race HQ can be found on South Lane Meadow

South Lane Meadow
South Lane, Clanfield,


Ample free parking will be available on the day at South Lane Meadow, Clanfield Memorial Hall and the surrounding roads.

If you are running with friends or loved ones, we ask that you share cars where possible to avoid any congestion or disruptions to the local community on the morning of the race.

Changing/Bag drop

Limited changing facilities will be available in Clanfield Memorial Hall.

We would advise that most runners come prepared, ready for the race to ease the use of these facilities.

Bag drop will be available on South Lane Meadow (Race HQ).


Portable toilets will be available onsite at South Lane Meadow.

Limited facilities are available in Clanfield Memorial Hall. There are also public toilets at the Rising Sun pub, just past the church, approaching the junction in old Clanfield.

Race times

All races different start times to reduce congestion at the beginning of each run and to allow spectators to watch you all easily.

  • 1k race - 9:30
  • 2k race - 9:50
  • 20k race - 10:40
  • 12k race - 11:00
  • 5k race - 11:20

Please ensure you (or your children) are ready at the start line at least 10 mins before the race start. 

Where is the start and finish?

All of the Clanfield Challenge routes end in Clanfield South Lane Meadow. The start for the 1k and 2k is also in the South Lane Meadow. The start for the 5k, 12k and 20k routes is on North Lane, Clanfield.

Race number

Your Race Number will be available to collect on Saturday 18th from Clanfield Sports & Community Centre (more information to follow). There is plenty of parking.

The remaining race numbers will be available for collection on race day at South Lane Meadow, post code PO8 0RY starting at 08:30 and closing at 10:30.

Your race number must be pinned to the FRONT of your (your childs') vest or T-shirt.

Failure to show or wear your race number may result in disqualification from the race.


Headsets/Headphones are not recommended to be worn on any of the Clanfield Challenge routes. It is crucial that you are able to hear directions from Race Marshalls and Volunteers.

Please look after one another and report an incident to a marshall as soon as you become aware of any accident or injury.

Medical Assistance

First Aid posts are situated at the start / finish area.


A vehicle will be available to pick up entrants who are unable to complete the course and will return them to the start/finish area. If you do drop out it is important you assist us by reporting your name and race number to one of our marshals.

If you have any medical conditions that you are aware of please inform us before the race and write you condition down on the back of your race number.

Race finish/Results

Chip timing is being used for the run, please ensure you run over the timing mats at the start and finish line

You need to ensure that your race number is visible and that you cross the finish line as directed to ensure your time is recorded. You will be presented with a medal and your T-Shirt after completing the race.

There is a water station after the finish.

Where possible we will display live (provisional) results on the day (on South Lane Meadow near the finish line). Final results will then be posted on this website as soon as possible.

Awards Presentation

The award presentation will take place at roughly 12:30pm

Our race supporters

We'd like to thank all our supporters for their donations, help with organisation and sponsorship.

About the race

The Clanfield Challenge is made up of 5 individual race routes - a 20 kilometre, 12 kilometre, 5 kilometre, 2 kilometre and 1 kilometre race. All are based in Clanfield, Hampshire and the money generated by the races are to be used to fund local community projects in and around the Clanfield area. So, read on, sign up and support your local community!

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