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Why the Clanfield Challenge?

We want to get everyone involved in this event as it provides benefits for the local community (with all profits being used within Clanfield and the surrounding villages) and of course health benefits for you too.

How did the run come about?

The volunteers at Clanfield Online meet once a month and have been now for the past 2 years. Whilst the financial support of local businesses has been amazing and the valued financial support from local council has been also, the money which has been raised can only go so far to help improve our community (see more about Clanfield Online).

How we use our funding was a topic of conversation which helped create the idea for the run. As a not for profit, community led organisation it is extremely important that we continue to use the revenue we generate for local projects. so, rather than keep pumping our money into smaller projects which don't generally generate additional income, we thought that separating a portion of our revenue and using it to create a large annual event, which can potentially benefit everyone in the local community, whilst raising additional funds for future projects, was a great way to move forward.

So came about the idea for the Clanfield Challenge - this event works on many levels and includes:

  • Raising the profile of our growing village outside the local area
  • Welcoming new residents via an inclusive and accessible event
  • Encouraging health and wellbeing to all in the community
  • Providing a platform for local business and community groups to communicate with locals
  • Raising awareness for the PSPA (Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association)
  • Raising money to allow the event to run each year
  • Raising money to fund additional projects and events in the local community
  • Providing support for our main sponsor, Clanfield Joggers

Clanfield Joggers

The Challenge

The volunteers behind the Clanfield Challenge have purposefully created a range of runs so that anyone can take part.

If you're a seasoned runner, regular walker or beginner seeking a test then the 12 kilometre Clanfield Challenge could be perfect for you. If you're just getting started with jogging, want to take part to support your community but don't normally run or simply fancy a lighter stroll, then the 5 kilometre Clanfield Challenge might be preferable. And, if you want to get your toddlers and children involved in a fun and healthy activity, then enter them into the 1 kilometre Clanfield Challenge.

There really is something for everyone!

Clanfield Joggers

Our race supporters

We'd like to thank all our supporters for their donations, help with organisation and sponsorship.

About the race

The Clanfield Challenge is made up of 5 individual race routes - a 20 kilometre, 12 kilometre, 5 kilometre, 2 kilometre and 1 kilometre race. All are based in Clanfield, Hampshire and the money generated by the races are to be used to fund local community projects in and around the Clanfield area. So, read on, sign up and support your local community!

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