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Clanfield Challenge 2017 - 5k entries


If you don't see your name and think you have completed the signup process with payment via Stripe online please get in touch for help. If you could not complete payment via Stripe, please get in touch to organise payment by other means.

Information below is accurate as at 6th May 2017 @ 19:30 - we will do our best to keep this up to date at least once per week.

NOTE: Race numbers will be assigned on race day

5k Runners

Katie Allen
Jan-Erik Andersson
Laila Andersson-Edge
Garry Applin
Martin Attard
Kelly Babbage
Michael Ball
Hayley Barker
Anna Bearryman
Cathryn Beresford
Laura Beswarick
Sam Bevington
Caitlin Biddlecombe
Neil Blanchard
Millie Blandford - Davies
Helen Bonaer
Andrea Breen
James Brighton
Hayley Brook
Matthew Bryant
Sarah Burnett
Fraser Cameron
samantha cardwell
Emma Carrington
Nicolle Carver
Lucy Chambers
Tracy Chambers
Jesssica Cheong
Laura Clark
Adrian Collier
Jo Collier
Steven Comley
Nicola Cook
Sabine Cooper
Christine Cox
David Cox
Karen Crookshank
Ethan Crumplin
alex dawson
Graham Dawson
Sarah Dodd
Jacqui Doick
Wendy Duff
Lisa Duke
Sian Dunkley
Emily Dunkley
Nicola Earle
Trevor Elkins
Bill Enstone
ana esteves
Nicola Farr
Catherine Fisher
orlagh flynn
jacob foote
john foote
Nicky Forsyth
Caroline Francis
Jamie Garrett
Jeffrey Garrett
Carol Garrett
Giovanna Gerold
Kayti Graham
Gemma Green
Sarah Grimshaw
Emma Groom
Laura Haggar
Nicola Hall
Craig Hathaway
Colin Hathaway
Nicola Hawken
Emma Hawken
Paul Hawken
Laura Hawken
Elizabeth Heron
Dawn Heskett
Jessica Hext-Harvey
Kaylea Hill
Gemma Hinton
Paul Hinton
Jo Hobbs
Jemima Holden
Emilia Holden
Becky Holman
Sally Holroyd
Sarah Howlett
Jon Hutchings
Anna Illston
Barbara Ireland
Will Jackson
Sarah James
Brian James
Marek Kalinowski
Martin Kelly
Max Kelly
Gabby Kelly
Juliet King
Karolyn Laakvand
Marcel Lelinski
Katya Lissoni
John Manners
Harry Martin
Paul Mchugh
Helen McManus
Jo Mcpherson
Bethany McShane
Caleb Medhurst
Monika Mikus-Lelinska
Caroline Moakes
Richard Moakes
Gilly Montalto
Kathy Moore
Annabelle Morgan
Laura Murdoch
Lara Nessim
David Nessim
Caroline Newman
richard norris
Annabelle Parham
Paul Parham
Nathaniel Parker
Samantha Parker
Donna Pavitt
Andrew Perrott
Caroline Perrott
Emma Phillips
Kelly Pugh
Gill Radford
Gemma Ranson
Alex Ratcliffe
Carrie Rawlinson
Tracey Riches
Tim Riches
Abigail Riches
Ben Riches
Jane Robertson
Keith Robertson
Louisa Roberts-West
John Roberts-West
Agnes Roberts-West
Elizabeth Roberts-West
Sean Rodgers
Sue Rourke
Tracy Ruane
Colin Ruane
Jackie Sage
Sam Sage
Gary Seaman
Emma Searle
Jane Shellard
Gemma Skerratt
Lynne Smith
Anne Smith
Phillip Smith
Steve Smith
Rachael Smith
Odette Smith
Jackie Southern
Alison Southwell
Kerry Starkey
Phillip Stuart
Denise Summerfield
Angela Taylor
Sacha Trimbee
Cat Turner
Nik Turner
Amy veals
Louise Veck
Darren Vella
Chris Walker
David Ward
Cat Ward
Harriet Watson
Kathy Weston
Naomi Wilshire
Oliver Wilshire
Pamela Wilson
Lindsey Wimshurst
Sarah Wood
Ria Worley
Jenny Worrall

5k Runners (UKA/ARC Members)

ForenameSurnameRunning ClubRunning Number
Debbie Stickley Liss Runners TBC
Hazel Jenkinson Victory AC 3559290
Debbie Marks Denmead striders 3557330
Amanda Coles Victory AC 3527070
Sara Heath Victory AC 3648371
Katie Hovenden Portsmouth Joggers 8962
Andrea Maynard Portsmouth joggers 3571096
Sharon Healy Baffins fit club 164
Anastasia Jensen Denmead Striders 3647835
Harry Sage Chichester runners 3297744
Cynthia Dee Henfield Joggers 2872027
Albert Shepherd Portsmouth joggers 3571104
Heather Clanfield Arunners RC 2751973
heidi mead emsworth joggers 25
Tanya Waters Emsworth joggers 64
Allie Hodgson fareham crusaders 3283315
Louise Bridges Fareham Crusaders 3543771
Julia Hopes Victory ac 3664805
Alex Evans Havant Athletics Club TBC
Suzy Walker Emsworth Joggers TBC

Our race supporters

We'd like to thank all our supporters for their donations, help with organisation and sponsorship.

About the race

The Clanfield Challenge is made up of 5 individual race routes - a 20 kilometre, 12 kilometre, 5 kilometre, 2 kilometre and 1 kilometre race. All are based in Clanfield, Hampshire and the money generated by the races are to be used to fund local community projects in and around the Clanfield area. So, read on, sign up and support your local community!

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