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Clanfield Challenge 2017 - 2k and 1k entries


If you don't see your name and think you have completed the signup process with payment via Stripe online please get in touch for help. If you could not complete payment via Stripe, please get in touch to organise payment by other means.

Information below is accurate as at 6th May 2017 @ 19:30 - we will do our best to keep this up to date at least once per week.

NOTE: Race numbers will be assigned on race day

2k Runners

Rose Abbott
Luke Abbott
Hugo Adey
Alice Attard
James Attard
Ollie Bembridge
Zac Bembridge
Ava Bennell
Kyra Bennell
James Biddlecombe
Emily Cameron
Ethan Carter
Lewis Chadwixk
Isabelle Clark
Erica Coombs
Fred Crowe
Nathan Dawson
Henry Drew
Teddy Drew
Francesca Ellis
Ethan Ellis
Eva Ellis
Erin Fahy
Olivia Fahy
Heidi Fehr
Tilly Flood
Rudi Flood
william ford
grace ford
Thomas Fulford
Daniel Fulford
Oliver Graham
Hannah Grimshaw
Callum Grimshaw
Amber Groom
Elliott Groom
Stephanie Groves
Kate Harfield
Lucy Harfield
Noah Hawkins
Isabella Hawkins
Rory Higgins
Conor Higgins
George Hinton
Finley Hinton
Jonathon Hodgson
Monty Holden
Harry Holland
Jennifer Hopes
Amy Hutchings
Jack Ingleby
Thomas Jay
Cameron Jeffries keel
Daniel Jones
George Keegan
James Keegan
bella kelly
Robbie King
Emily King
Lilia Knight
Elise Knight
Ethan Lawler
George Lewis-Jones
Alexander Lewis-Jones
Rory Magee
Danielle Manners
Jack Manners
Leo Mchugh
Connor Moran
Chloe Parfitt
Phoebe Parfitt
Kai Parker
Sofia Parker
Isla Peeke-Vout
Ptolemy Peeke-Vout
Sia Perold
ashita pothugunta
chahel pothugunta
Oliver Priston
Alexander Priston
Reuben Quemby
Theo Quemby
Emilia Randall
Harry Randall
Eryn Randall
Casey Scroggins
Clara Setford
Toby Shellard
Phoebe Skelley
Oscar Smith
Phoebe Tee
Daisy Tee
Tristan Trowbridge
Charlotte Trowbridge
Theo von Kirchner
Joe Walker
Lottie Walker
Annabel Webb
Joe Wilkins
Lucas Williams
Claire Zumpe

1k Runners

Abigail Allen
David Attard
Joseph Attard
Thomas Bell
Angus Beswarick
Nina Bhumbra
Freya Biggs
Emmie Biggs
Sofia Bovey
Leo Bovey
Grace Bowdery
Grace Bragaglia
Joseph Brighton
Lily Brightwell
Harry Brook
Amelia Brooker-Protheroe
Jack Brooker-Protheroe
Erin Callaghan
Jack Callaghan
Oliver Cameron
Isabella Carter
Amy Chadwick
Diego Choudhury
Cameron Clark
Betty-Rose Clark
Darcey Cooper
Cleo Cooper
Cleo Cooper
Darcey Cooper
George Crowe
Lewis Davis
Heidi Davis
isobel dillon
Chloe Doick
Callum Doick
Oskar Edge
Cailtyn Ellis
Katie Emery
Imogen Excell
Finley Excell
Emerson Fehr
William Forsyth
Oliver Gerold
Evie Goodman
Alyssa Goodman
Jessica Graham
Robert Groves
Jenson Harris
Gabriella Heron
Elijah Heron
Noah Hext- Harvey
Ivy Hillsden
Charlie Holland
Jack Howlett
Amelie Howlett
william hunt
Harry Illston
Thomas Karn
Dillon Keegan
Caleb Kurton
Izzy Leggatt
Edith Leighton
Kornel Lelinski
Francis Leonard
Aidan Leonard
Jasper Magee
Erin Mawson
Max Mchugh
Stephanie Moore
Robert Moore
Harrison Murdoch
Oscar Murdoch
Esme Murray
Evie Murray
Patrycja Pasniewska
Mollie Proctor
Willow Quemby
Joshua Ranson
Poppy Rees
Deola Rounds
Juliet Setford
Hazel Stanojevic
Gina Stanojevic
Sophie Tee
Joshua Tee
Louis Thorpe
Albie Tricker
Finley Tricker
Piers Trimbee
Annemiek van den Braak
Oliver Walker
Annabel Walker
christopher williams
Blake Williams
Tilly Wimshurst
Amber Wimshurst
Charlie Wood
Katie Wood
Arthur Wood
Aidan Wooldridge
Elliott Worrall
Celeste Worrall

Our race supporters

We'd like to thank all our supporters for their donations, help with organisation and sponsorship.

About the race

The Clanfield Challenge is made up of 5 individual race routes - a 20 kilometre, 12 kilometre, 5 kilometre, 2 kilometre and 1 kilometre race. All are based in Clanfield, Hampshire and the money generated by the races are to be used to fund local community projects in and around the Clanfield area. So, read on, sign up and support your local community!

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