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Smart-Fit Training

Enjoy your exercise in a social, fun and energetic environment perfect for all abilities and ages.

Smart-fit Training Ltd began with two people who both share a vision - to inspire others and build a business and life around their true passions.

At Smart-fit, we don’t believe in short term, quick fixes but rather a ‘smarter’ way to train – moderation and intelligence are key. We provide accurate, real time data using Polar heart rate monitors to provide fun, motivating and focused workouts that deliver optimum results for everyone.

How are Smart-Fit different?

We believe there are 4 components (cores) of physical and mental fitness - Cardio, Muscle Strength, Endurance and Mind. Most people tend to focus on one and think they are doing enough. Each type is different and doing a varied combination of them all will give you significantly more benefits. Every Smart-fit class or session is designed to work all 4 cores, delivering a full all body workout every time.

Although exercise is one of the most powerful tools available for improving your health and boosting your metabolism, for many people the word exercise conjures up negative thoughts and feelings. 

We tap into the power of the mind-body connection to use your thoughts to positively influence some of your body's physical responses using motivational visual aids.

We provide you with individual data rich workouts with real time data to ensure you train at the right intensity and make each session count as well, as individual progress and analysis reports sent out after every class.

You can find out more about us on the Smart-Fit Training website.

Smart-Fit Training

What classes do we offer?

We deliver various group exercise classes to cater for different tastes and all levels of fitness and provide accurate, real time data to provide fun, motivating and focused workouts that deliver optimum results for everyone. 

  • FIT 4 HIIT
    This class is circuit based and designed to be intense and highly efficient for today's hectic life. Our whole body workout is not only fun and varied, it uses Polar Heart Rate Monitors to understand how hard you are working. The goal is to achieve your agreed targets and enhance all round levels of fitness.
  • FIT 4 LIFE 
    Come along to and join our fun and challenging outdoor training session that is designed to increase overall fitness and tone your whole body.
    This session in designed for individuals and teams looking to take part in obstacle course and off road races such as Tough Mudder, Spartan etc...

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Smart-Fit Training

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We'd like to thank all our supporters for their donations, help with organisation and sponsorship.

About the race

The Clanfield Challenge is made up of 5 individual race routes - a 20 kilometre, 12 kilometre, 5 kilometre, 2 kilometre and 1 kilometre race. All are based in Clanfield, Hampshire and the money generated by the races are to be used to fund local community projects in and around the Clanfield area. So, read on, sign up and support your local community!

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